This Public Service Announcement Brought To You By Your Justice Department!


This Public Service Announcement Brought To You By Your Justice Department!


Four Officials in Ohio have been indicted by a grand jury for their part inalleged attempted coverup” in the Steubenville Rape Case that was brought to the Nation’s attention last year by Anonymous. We have been following this case for quite some time.

The Steubenville City Schools Superintendent was indicted on 5 charges.
If convicted on all charges, he could face up to seven years and 270 days in prison. Also indicted was an elementary school principal, a wrestling coach and a volunteer football coach.

For a complete list of the indictments, read this from

From - “This past March, Judge Thomas Lipps found two athletes from the Steubenville High School “Big Red” football team — Ma’lik Richmond, 16, and Trent Mays, 17 — guilty of raping a drunk teenage girl the previous August. It took roughly four months for news of the incident and the lack of action being taken by local officials to surface and prompt national media coverage, the likes of which was largely spearheaded by press campaigns orchestrated by the hacktivist group Anonymous and various affiliates, including individuals who obtained and then published photographic and video evidence from the night of the crime.

Justice has been slow in this case. Now that some of the people who tried to stall the justice process have been exposed, hopefully this will serve as a warning to other communities. Rape is a crime and it will not be tolerated. Rapists should be punished to the full extent of the law, no matter who they are.
There is no excuse and until we can put an end to rape, rape culture, victim shaming and covering the crime up to protect the guilty, groups like Anonymous will always step in to fight for the rights of the victims and to make sure that justice is brought to the guilty.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone in Steubenville. As a matter of fact, they should have expected it.

There is more to life than being a consumer.

There is more to life than being a consumer.


Infographic: Scenes From The Censored Documentary

Gif 1:

Mobility in the United States lags most other advanced industrial democracies.

Gif 2:

"There’s always been a gap between the wealthiest in our society and everyone else. But in the last 30 years, something changed. That gap became the Grand Canyon.

Gif 3:

"This is what America’s economic pie looked like in the decades after World War ll (1947-1977). Income gains were share by everyone with big portions going to average Americans. But since the late 1970’s, the bottom 90% have seen their share of the pie completely devoured by the top 1%.

Video Source: Park Avenue: Money, Power and The American Dream

This was the main reason behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement.



Protesters #OccupyGezi to save Istanbul park

Activists defy bulldozers to block demolition of city’s ‘last public green space’.

Unconfirmed reports suggest more than 10,000 people are currently gathered in Taksim’s Gezi Park. 

pics from

please share and support these brave people!

Wishing them luck and safety and that they win…

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

We have been following the Stubenville Rape Trial very closely over the past few months. (Click Here)

A Verdict was handed down in the Stubenville Rape Case. Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmondwere were found guilty. This is a positive step towards justice for the victim. Videos hacked by Anonymous and released to the world indicate that many more were involved but no further charges have been filed…..yet.

CNN’s on-air anchors’ reaction to the verdict was abominable. Objectivity and Journalistic integrity went out the window as they seemed more concerned with the 16 & 17 year old Rapists then they did the 16 year Rape victim because they did not mention her ONCE. This is unacceptable. The rapists had the gall to brag about their crime to friends and tweet about it after the fact.These boys were found guilty by a court of law. They deserve no sympathy, no empathy. Yes, their lives may be ruined as they will forever be labeled as rapists. That is the choice they made when they forced themselves onto the victim.

IMO, CNN should issue a formal apology to the victim and her family. Here is a petition on to ask CNN to Apologize for its reprehensible attitude and coverage of the case.

**Update 3/20/2013** - While I feel that media is culpable to a certain extent for perpetuating the Rape Culture that we have here in the US and around the world, I think we as free thinking individuals need to focus on changing that culture. We need to do what we can, no matter how big or small, to change our societal views on rape, sex, sexism, victim shaming and gender stereotypes. And I feel the best way to start that is very simple: Respect for your fellow human beings.- 

For 99 percent of the population, The American Dream has become a nightmare.

For 99 percent of the population, The American Dream has become a nightmare.